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KinkyCrafter 20080630 – Settling in

Unpacking and settling in to the new place. Normal recording setup still not back up and running, so sorry about the audio quality.


KinkyCrafter 20080629 – Epic Moving Saga, Part V, The End

Finally done moving. Ouch. Back to work now.


KinkyCrafter 20080628 – Epic Moving Saga, Part IV

Finally done moving everything to the new place. Now for the cleanup and unpacking.


KinkyCrafter 20080627 – Epic Moving Saga, Part III

Almost done. 


KinkyCrafter 20080626 – Epic Moving Saga, Part II

More packing and moving.


KinkyCrafter 20080625 – Epic Moving Saga, Part I

Started moving things today. Much more packing to do.


KinkyCrafter 20080624 – Emotional Edge Play

Went to a great class on emotional edge play tonight. Also packing and moving.


KinkyCrafter 20080623 – Trip Home and George Carlin

Home from my weekend trip. Saddened by the death of George Carlin on Sunday.


KinkyCrafter 20080622 – One more day of break

Visited with friends, driving home tomorrow. 


KinkyCrafter 20080621 – Safe Travels

Despite the best efforts of mother nature and dozens of crazy motorists, I made it here in one piece.


KinkyCrafter 20080620 – Craft segment – Flogger Stand

Tonight I cover the construction of my new Flogger Stand. It’s made out of about $3 in small metal hooks, $2 in PVC fittings, and $5 in PVC pipe. The end product ended up being sturdy enough to hold a dozen floggers, breaks down into 3 pieces that fit in my larger toy bag, and only costing $10. The PVC pieces were cut to length to minimize the packed size while keeping the flogger tails off the floor. I made sure the base was wide enough to keep it from tipping easily. It’s very important to glue the two lateral pieces into the two T’s that they go in so that the main upright piece doesn’t pivot. I used superglue, which is functional but not the best choice. The small metal hooks screw in, but drilling a very small starter hole makes this much easier. The hooks can also be bent open a bit more to make it easier to get things on and off of them.

Finished product in action:

Feel free to contact me with any questions that you have at

Additional Pictures

Any questions?

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KinkyCrafter 20080619 – More packing

Not too exciting, but with the upcoming move next week, it’s kind of a huge focus.


KinkyCrafter 20080618 – FetLife

You should definitely check out


KinkyCrafter 20080617 – Safewords

Went to a great class tonight on negotiating without safewords.


KinkyCrafter 20080616 – Packing and planning

Getting ready for the upcoming move and talking about deciding what to pack for a play party.


KinkyCrafter 20080615 – Silent negotiations

Chatting about a couple of things that I forgot to bring up last night, including pre-scene negotiations with someone with laryngitis.