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KinkyCrafter 20080614 – Volunteering and floor work

Had a great time at the club tonight. Helped out a bit and then had a great scene with a friend who was fairly new to rope.


KinkyCrafter 20080613 – Mental health day

Took the day off today to take care of some stuff at home and recover from vicious migraine last night.


KinkyCrafter 20080612 – Migraine

Brain hurts. Short show.


KinkyCrafter 20080611 – Project planning

I’ve been having fun today coming up with ideas and doing research for the suspension bed frame project that I’m probably going to start next month.


KinkyCrafter 20080610 – Objectification

Great education meeting tonight, happy hour before hand with friends.


KinkyCrafter 20080609 – Uncensored

At least somewhat less censored.


KinkyCrafter 20080608 – Introspective

Too much free time for introspection today.


KinkyCrafter 20080607 – Craft segment – Dragon’s tail

Easy to make, fun to use.

The construction is pretty simple. Cut out a triangle with a eight inch wide base, as long as you’d like, 2′ in this case. Wrap the base around a handle, and secure. If you’re using a metal handle, pre-drill holes in the handle and punch holes in the leather, if you’re using wood then you can secure it with leather cement.

Feel free to contact me with any questions that you have at

Additional Pictures

Any questions?


KinkyCrafter 20080606 Takate-Kote, old friends, and emergency suspension frame

Had a good night at the club tonight. Got to play around with a variation of a basic Takate-Kote chest harness, along with some partial and full suspension.


KinkyCrafter 20080605 – Week of doom almost over

One more day of work then it’s off to the club. 🙂


KinkyCrafter 20080604 – More work and roommates

More work. Also in the process of looking for a new place, considering roommates.


KinkyCrafter 20080603 – Kinky service

Went to a great educational class on kinky service tonight. Also work is still crazy.


KinkyCrafter 20080602 – Work



KinkyCrafter 20080601 – Game night

Went out to a game night with some local friends, German board gaming fun.