KinkyCrafter 20081117 – Craft Segment – Wire Rod Bunch

For this week’s craft segment I made an impact toy out of a bundle of construction marker flags. I put 15 of the markers together, rolled the flags together to provide a more substantial handle and keep the individual rods in place, and added a layer of duct tape to keep everything nice and contained. Total cost for the project was $7 with enough material left over for 5 more bunches, or several larger ones. A rubber band placed around the bunch could be slid up and down to adjust the amount of spread on impact, changing the feeling from wide spread and stingy if the band is near the handle to more concentrated and thuddy if the band is closer to the tip. The tips of the rods were fairly smooth as is and a grazing blow scratched without cutting.

Finished product:

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Bundle of 100 wire rods with flags sold as construction markers:

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