KinkyCrafter 20080414 – Leather Rose Crop

Since I was unable to take pictures of the initial construction due to the no camera policy of the club I decided to recreate it with paper and pencil. Also staples. So imagine the paper is leather, the pencil is a fiberglass rod, obtainable from a kite store, the staples are leather glue, etc.

Supplies, heart printed out, cut out, and used as a template for 8 “leather” hearts. The actual hearts were cut out using a press and die to speed up and even out the process. The hearts were then notched as seen to help create the taper shape of the final product. The fiberglass rod was black so that nothing would show through the leather braiding. The 4 leather strips were .25″ each, and about 4 feet long to cover the 2 foot long rod. The turned wooden handle had a .5″ deep hole drilled in the center matching the diameter of the braided leather over the rod, with a deeper hole for the bare rod at the base. Gorilla glue was used to secure the shaft into the handle.

Supplies and final product:

My construction:

Turned handle, stained with instant stain, using rubber gloves and paper towels, very easy:

Closer view of braiding:

Closeup of base of rose and leaves:

Simulated fiberglass rod and leather strips, braiding started, basic four strand braid:

Finished braid:

First rose glued, wrapped, and clamped in place for 5 minuets:

More layers added, squeezing bottom to keep base tapered:

Last rose added:

Top view:

.25″ strip wrapped around base to cover unevenness:

Leaves added:

Paper vs Real thing:

Hopefully you get the idea.

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