KinkyCrafter 20080813 – Craft Segment – Leather Strap

This project was completed at a local Crafter’s SIG meeting. Since the time was somewhat limited, no finishing work was done, but it gets the basic idea across.

A 30″x2.5″ strip of tool leather was cut out and bent in half. We then traced a handle shape into a 10″x2.5″x0.5″ block of ash. The wooden block was clamped to the table and the rough shape was cut out using a jigsaw. The shaping was then finished out with an Oscillating Edge/Belt Spindle Sander. A hand held router was used to carve out the inset areas where the leather overlaps the wooden handle so that the leather sits flush with the handle, and then the router was used to round off all the edges. The handle was then sanded smooth on all exposed surfaces. Holes were drilled in the handle for the leather rivets and a lanyard. Matching holes were punched in the leather and the edges were rounded off using an edging tool. The rivets were then put in to place and screwed tight.

Finished product:

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Finished components:


Handle profile:

Assembled Strap:

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