KinkyCrafter 20080407 – Floggers

In tonight’s show, I’ll be discussing the construction of a fairly basic flogger. It’s nothing pretty, but very functional. The following pictures were takes during the construction for reference and are linked to the full sized images. The quality of images should be improving in upcoming craft segments. One quick note, after talking about the basic construction of the flogger, I accidentally skipped over the description of cutting the straps into 0.5″ falls with the Australian strander. This process is shown below. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at

Finished product:

Gratuitous picture of my mixer:

A few reference pictures of various kinds of floggers I have purchased or made in the past:

Picture of the kangaroo hide to be used:

A ruler and a flogger for size reference:

Two equal length strings marking ends and a string to check for equal length across both diagonals to maintain an approximate rectangle:

Rotary cutter and rubber mat:

Rectangle of kangaroo hide:

Rectangle folded in half in direction ensuring longer falls and then cut into 1.5″ strips:

Small holes cut on either side of center line of strips:

Strips and 1″ wide finger loops attached together using center holes. Strips cut into 0.5″ falls using Australian strander:

Another shot of the finished product:

Closeup of bindings and finger loops:

Overview of tools used, including a rotary cutter, Australian strander, Sharpie, exacto knife, steel ruler, and a pair of safety shears, all on a rubber cutting mat:

Closeup of the Australian strander:

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