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KinkyCrafter 20081114 – Kinky Friday

Several suspensions today. Fun night at the club.


KinkyCrafter 20081113 – Work and Meetings

I attended the BR Board meeting and the last half of the Gateway meeting tonight.


KinkyCrafter 20081112 – Lazy Wednesday

Not too lazy though, I did go in to work.


KinkyCrafter 20081111 – Playing With Others

Went to an education meeting tonight focusing on playing with one member of a couple.


KinkyCrafter 20081110 – Craft Segment – Under Bed Restraint System

For this week’s craft segment I made an under the bed restraint system that’s sturdy, yet easy to conceal. I used about 60′ of 1/4″ braided nylon to create a rectangle 6″ smaller than my bed with 3′ loops at each corner. When the rectangle is put under the bed and the loops are put over the corners of the bed, a line passes through them all to draw everything snugly together. Instant tie down points. Also very easy to hide by removing the cinching rope and tucking it and the loops under the mattress.

Finished product:

Feel free to contact me with any questions that you have at

Additional Pictures

Any questions?


KinkyCrafter 20081109 – Sundays Are Good For Sleeping In

Got to sleep in and take my time getting going today, wich was nice. Now I need to try to hit the ground running this week with work.


KinkyCrafter 20081108 – Kilts

Volunteered at the club and got a chance to wear my new kilt.


KinkyCrafter 20081107 – TGIF

Finally got some time to set my desktop and recording setup back up. Looking forward to this weekend.


KinkyCrafter 20081106 – Back to Work

Having to focus a lot more on work at the moment.


KinkyCrafter 20081105 – Rest and Play

Tonight I got to relax and unwind a bit.


KinkyCrafter 20081104 – Election Day

I hope everyone voted today. I know I did.


KinkyCrafter 20081103 – Sleep

Today I rested. Still recovering from the event. I should have a more coherent and better sounding podcast out tomorrow.


KinkyCrafter 20081102 – BR Event Day 3

Just got home from the event and I’m half dead.


KinkyCrafter 20081101 – BR Event Day 2

Busy and tired, but having a great time.


KinkyCrafter 20081031 – Halloween at the BR Event

Having a great time, but damn I’m exhausted.